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Critically assess the global trends within the hospitality and tourism industry. Examine the key drivers of globalisation arising from these global trends within the hospitality and tourism industry. Current trends in Hospitality Current and Future Trends in Hospitality Popular for many reasons: save money for the owners as well saving natural resources while promoting environmental conscience to the guests (concept of eco tourism) A popular trend: Green Hotels More green and eco-lodgings.

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I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time and. The hotel industry trends (for technology) are not just about losing the human touch with robots taking over every task.

Quite contrary to popular belief, the latest trend in the hospitality industry is about embracing technology while retaining the one-on-one interactions. Hospitality Property Management Software Market is set for a Potential Growth Worldwide Excellent Technology Trends with Business Analysis – RealPage, Inc., MRI Software, LLC, Console group, Cloudbeds., FCS Computer Systems The Global Hospitality Property Management Software Market Report includes a comprehensive analysis of the present.

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