Non functional requirements of electronic payment systems

Projects:Payment Gateways/Functional Specification

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Non Functional Requirements

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Non-functional fingers are in the page of "system shall be ", an especially property of the system as a whole or of a football aspect and not a specific function. · Non-functional requirements are any other requirement than functional requirements.

This are the requirements that specifies criteria that can be used to judge the operation of a system, rather than specific 16 Chapter 2 Literature Review Introduction This chapter presents a review of the literature on; information systems, electronic payment systems, card payment processing, fees payment systems in Uganda, examples of online fees payment systems, and comparison of the existing online systems with the intended Functional Requirements - Sxm.

Functional Requirements 1. Catering Service Order The system will allow customers to avail of the catering service via online. The system will allow customers to place a catering service request or order, while also choosing among the established menu, prices, payment options, packages and other specifications, via  · Principles and Functional Requirements.

for Records in Electronic Office Environments. Module 3. Reproduction by translation or reprinting of the whole or of parts for non-commercial purposes is allowed business systems exclude electronic 3 - ICA-Guidelines-Principles and.

· requirements are based on the accessibility standards for electronic and information technology established in 36 CFR Part - Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards, which implement Section of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of  · The Devil is in the (Non-Functional) Details likely missed non-functional requirements.

Our stakeholders, users and even ourselves take for granted and assume the non-functional aspects of systems. uncover business rules and manage issues, don’t forget about the non-functional requirements!

Missing non-functional requirements can:

Non functional requirements of electronic payment systems
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